How To Survive No Nut November

How To Survive No Nut November

Survive NNN like a boss

How To Survive No Nut November

As October comes to an end and the leaves turn from green to brown, you're probably thinking about one thing: how on earth am I going to survive No Nut November?

Fortunately for you, we have done all of the hard work and come up with the ultimate plan for surviving NNN like a boss.

How to prepare for NNN?

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There are two main schools of thought within the NNN community regarding how to effectively prep for a month without nutting.

On one side you have the 'nut until you can't' crowd that promotes nutting as much as possible before the November deadline. And on the other side, NNNers who favour a gentler approach, tapering off nutting before stopping entirely.

If you are the type of person that can handle extreme and sudden changes well, then feverishly nutting in October might work for you. But for most people, we recommend trying the tapering approach.

Our regulatory systems tend to operate well with a bit of training, so tapering off your nutting before November will give your body more time to adapt.

Identify your triggers
Most if not all of our actions and thoughts are preceded by a trigger: you are hungry so you eat, you are tired so you sleep, and so on. Nutting is no different. By identifying which feelings, thoughts, and situations come before your urge to nut you can start to find ways to change the habit.

For example, you might feel like nutting at the end of the evening when you're in bed looking at your phone. Once you become aware of that pattern you can start to change it, and replace it with another, healthier one.

Think of it as an opportunity to explore who you are, to learn new skills, engage in more exciting activities and complete unfinished projects.

Block porn on all your devices
One of the most powerful triggers out there is using a phone or laptop. The reality is that while phones and laptops are extremely useful, they also give you instant access to porn 24/7, and that is going to have a huge impact on whether or not you survive NNN.

But there is a solution. REMOJO blocks all porn on your phone and laptop, leaving you to use your gadgets in peace.

Find an accountability partner or join a community
Another important way to survive NNN is to invite a partner or friend to support you throughout this journey.

Your accountability partner could be your spouse, friend, trusted family member, colleague, etc. But it's vital that you choose someone whose opinion you respect and care about, otherwise you won't feel any pressure to succeed.

You can set up the REMOJO app to notify your accountability partner if you unsubscribe from the app or turn off the blocker.

Develop a stronger mindset

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The mind is an incredibly powerful tool if used correctly. Humans have gone from living in caves to building electric cars and skyscrapers, all using the power of our minds.

You can adapt to a wide range of complex challenges, and that includes quitting porn and not nutting for a month.

It all starts with a commitment to yourself. Are you ready to change? If so, then you need to strengthen your mind by not allowing your desires to control you. Take charge and empower yourself.

See the funny side every day
Life is hard. Not nutting for a month is hard. Do you know what helps? Laughing about all of it, and there are plenty of good memes to laugh at. It beats crying through the entire thing.

Time to reboot? REMOJO is the app you need. Check it out for the most effective way to say farewell to porn and reclaim your life.

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