Everything You Need to Know About No Nut November

Everything You Need to Know About No Nut November

What is NNN?

Millions of men commit to a New Year's resolution in January but it's a brave few who take on No Nut November (NNN).

What's NNN you ask? It's a 30-day test of your determination and grit. Men around the world give up ejaculating, including giving up sex, for the entire month of November. That's right, guys... this is a hard challenge, or, pun intended, a ‘soft challenge’.

Depending on who you ask, NNN is a satirical meme, a healthy endeavour, or a fringe concept that's gone too far. Whatever your opinion, NNN looks like it's here to stay.

Let's find out how it started and why so many men are keen to take part in NNN.

What Is No Nut November (NNN)?

No Nut (as in 'busting a nut') November's exact origins are clouded in mystery but some say that it started as a humble post on Urban Dictionary in 2011. A few years later, NNN started appearing across social media and Reddit.

Around the same time, another movement called NoFap also started becoming very popular. NoFap is a lifestyle choice that promotes abstaining from masturbation and porn. It turns out that as digital porn's reach and usage has grown, so has the desire to regain control over men's sexual desire.

Abstinence from masturbation isn't exactly a new concept but NoFap and NNN took it in an entirely new direction. Formerly commandeered by religious leaders, abstinence from busting a nut used to be driven by dry texts and sermons. But for NoFappers and NNNers, it's fueled by a steady diet of funny memes.

The often hilarious memes might seem silly but they help to communicate NNN and NoFap's core beliefs. Comedy is funny because it tells the truth and gets away with it. On the surface, NNN is a joke about not ejaculating but dig deeper and you'll find a lot of men who are battling with their porn habits.

By making NNN funny, a lot of men can openly talk about the challenges of quitting porn in a supportive community.

No Nut November Rules: Can You Have Sex During No Nut November?
No Nut November might sound straightforward, and it is, but there are a few key rules that must be followed to complete the challenge:

  • You cannot ejaculate
  • You only have one shot at the challenge; once you nut, you’re out.
  • You must complete the full 30 days of November.

Easy, right? Visit NNN forums and you'll see that abstaining from ejaculating for a month is right up there with quitting smoking or cutting back on sugar. It doesn't help that porn is everywhere, so if you're going to make it then you need to know how to survive No Nut November.

And as for having sex? Well some NNNers do ‘hard mode’ and argue that you can have sex as long as you don’t ejaculate but that sounds like the perfect recipe for getting blue balls, so it’s probably not the best idea.

Is No Nut November Healthy?
Scientific research around no-nutting is relatively thin on the ground but there are plenty of anecdotal stories that support the idea that there may be a variety of benefits to keeping your powder dry.

Mike Tyson famously claimed that he abstained from sex for five years during his reign, in the belief that abstinence would give him an edge, and he definitely had an edge.

Interestingly, there's some evidence to suggest that semen retention could significantly increase testosterone levels, which may have contributed to Tyson's dominance.

In addition to nutting potentially affecting testosterone, there are several theories around the link between ejaculation and dopamine regulation. Regularly ejaculating to porn may have a significant impact on your brain’s reward system circuitry. By taking a prolonged break from ejaculation and porn, the reward system has time to reset.

Another potential health benefit is related to time spent away from porn and engaging in other, healthier activities. Giving it a rest during NNN in favour of learning a new skill, going to the gym or taking up a sport, is likely to be incredibly beneficial for your wellbeing.

What about Blue Balls?

Understandably, one of the greatest concerns about NNN is blue balls or epididymal hypertension (EH). When you are aroused, the blood vessels to your penis and testicles fill with blood, which is what causes an erection. If the blood isn't released after ejaculating then you may experience pain.

Groin pain aside, you'll be glad to hear that your balls won’t explode during NNN. That said, you might want to stay away from anything that arouses you during November to avoid sending a rush of blood to your penis. Most of all, you’ll want to stay clear of porn.  

What Happens If You Fail No Nut November?
Ultimately, nutting/beating the meat/jerking off/choking the chicken/etc can be part of a healthy lifestyle so if you're feeling stressed about wanting to nut then try not to worry. Failing No Nut November doesn't make you a loser. But if you failed because of a porn habit then it's a good time to think about whether or not you need to address it.

If you were exposed to online porn from a very young age (the average age is 11 years old), then it's very likely that your brain was rewired to expect more arousal than normal. For many men, this leads to a compulsive relationship with masturbation and ejaculation, which is why NNN wakes a lot of men up to their porn habit loop.

So if you fail NNN, ask yourself why, and if the answer is a compulsive porn habit and you want to quit, then it's time to do something about it.

Should You Do No Nut November?
Perhaps you want to reset your dopamine or testosterone regulatory systems, or you just want a break from porn - whatever your reasons, doing NNN is ultimately a personal choice and isn't for everyone. Feeling brave and want to give it a go? Then it's worth doing a little planning and figuring out how to survive No Nut November.

If your porn use is going to affect your chances of success then use our tools to stay ahead of the pack: block porn on all your devices, join a community and change your mindset by listening to expert advice.

As for worrying about blue balls... Well, as we explained earlier, blue balls are mostly a problem if you get aroused, so blocking porn and staying away from arousing images is the best plan to avoid having to put an ice pack on your groin... ouch!

Time to reboot? REMOJO is the app you need. Check it out for the most effective way to say farewell to porn and reclaim your life.

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