About Us

We’re building technology and programs to help unleash the minds and human potential of millions. With a unique combination of tech, tools and human support, REMOJO delivers everything conscious adults need to break free from digital addiction and compulsion.

I'm driven to fulfil my potential and help others fulfil theirs. I believe a conscious relationship with technology and freedom from addiction is essential to that.

Jack Jenkins
CEO & Founder Remojo


Millions of men and women are waking up to the reality that they were exposed to toxic and addictive material at a sensitive age. We’re here to support them as conscious adults, as they break the pattern and free their minds. Because we believe that a porn-free life is a path to a better life.

We can break the pattern.

But it’s tough. Willpower alone isn’t enough. At REMOJO, we’re building the world’s most comprehensive program,  empowering heroic individuals to rewire their minds and make a lasting change.


Of thought and action is worth fighting for


What we feed our minds matters


we need to fulfill it


Self-discipline and overcoming build us up


the ability to act is intrinsically valuable


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