Breaking The Taboo
A world where going porn-free is as common and widely accepted as going vegetarian, meditating, quitting smoking, alcohol or junk tv.
healthy Sexuality
Where young men take their sexuality and channel it into healthy relationships.
Less Human Misery
Where fewer women sell their body to get by and fewer men support the trade in human misery.
technology empowers
A world where our technology empowers and liberates us, rather than enslaves us.


We know that watching porn is in conflict with our best selves and our highest values.
And if you’ve ever tried to quit before, you’ll know:
willpower alone is almost never enough.
It can take many failed attempts to rewire our neural pathways, transform our beliefs and mindset, change habits and build a support system and life that meets our emotional needs.
And even those who are able to quit permanently on their first attempt can still need guidance to build healthy relationships and sexual connections after porn - and help to reverse any porn-induced sexual dysfunctions.
The REMOJO app coaches men through the entire journey to sexual self-mastery and optimal vitality.


If you share our vision, we’re always looking for high-performance people to join our team. Or partners and other opportunities to raise awareness.