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Learn more about VPNs and how ours works.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is essentially a middle man between your personal device and the internet. The best way to understand a VPN is to look at the flow of internet traffic.

Typically, requests made by your device are routed directly to the internet by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). With a VPN however, the traffic comes from the VPN, rather than your personal device and so your true IP address remains hidden to the public internet.

How does REMOJO use VPN technology?

We filter traffic requests from the VPN and either allow or deny access to domains that are in certain categories, based on your blocker settings.

What about Privacy?

Because REMOJO is a subscription service, we don't need to gather your data, sell it or monetise it in any way.

We don't store, read or connect browsing data to individual users.

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