The Muslim Toolkit Against Pornography
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About the

Welcome to the AWARE Course, the Muslim Toolkit Against Pornography Consumption and Addiction. In AWARE, Wael guides Muslim men who are struggling with the urge to use pornography.

Most Muslim men do not feel secure discussing this issue with their peers and community, where discussions about sex and pornography are most often taboo. But Wael reveals how discussing addiction and sin for the purpose of healing is actually essential and encouraged by the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). Let AWARE help you begin to live a pornfree, worthy life.

About the

Wael is the author of several books, namely

CHANGE: A motivational system to break free from undesirable habits, especially pornography.

Beat it: 50 plus shades of hope.

Better Me: 365 Ways to Transform Your Everyday Life.

And his latest work titled: AWARE, find out who you are without porn.

Wael Ibrahim is a certified Master life coach and currently is the student counselor at the Australian Islamic College in Perth, Australia.

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