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Carlos Cassau
Entrepreneur and Youtuber
My first contact with pornography was when I was 9 years old. Even though I considered it harmless once or twice a week, when I became aware of the toxic effects on my life, I started the search for an end to my consumption.

I challenged a lot of friends along the way to quit. They  didn't think they were addicted...but they couldn't even go 3 weeks without watching porn.

It's only when you try to cut it that you realize the depth of the problem.
Fabio Manzoli
Mentor and Speaker at TedX in Sexual reprogramming and emotional intelligence
I’m not a dad yet, but 5 years ago I realized I wanted to have a daughter and how these videos feed rape culture.

The women in these movies are like furniture, just serving men's pleasure. These videos are a manifestation of women as sexual toys, frequently including abuse, humiliation and rape tropes. If you don't believe that what you watch influences your psyche, I invite you to reflect on how the publicity industry works.
João Marques
Writer and Psychologist
Since November 2020, I stopped consuming porn and many things have changed for me since then.

I've been managing to have more focus on my tasks, rescuing my ability to imagine and take pleasure in reality, and deal better with my anxiety in stressful situations. I also came to understand that sex is not just about me, but made for 2 people, where the pleasure is mutual. Today I’m more present and conscious in my life and relationships, where intimacy for us men can still be a big barrier.
Cleyton Sales
I stopped watching adult videos 5 years ago.

As a sexual therapist, I know that not watching it reduces erectile dysfunction, premature or delayed ejaculation. It helps to create emotional connection with our partners and leaves us freer to express ourselves in the bedroom, without the pressure we feel of having to “perform” in some way.
Renato Morelli
Content producer
I decided to stop watching porn in January this year. But this practice followed me for many years. In my early adolescence I got 2 porn magazines as the initial incentive for my masturbation habit.

After that, I found myself feeling attraction for men in those magazines, and started realizing my homosexuality. So I decided no to consume them anymore, and decided to enter the church as a dedication to chastity, looking for the cure to my disease. Years went by, I left the church and decided to live my homosexuality. Who was waiting for me? That's right, pornography.

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Why stop?

mental, physical, sexual and relational problems.

they can all start with porn.

structural changes in the brain

porn and excess dopamine damages the reward system which becomes unresponsive to natural sources of pleasure


ponography addiction was recognised as a desease in 2018 by the world health organization

depression and anxiety

changes in dopamine transmission contribute to depression and anxiety

poor relationships

porn weakens the development and maintenance of real connections with your partners

poor performance

porn distorts sex and negatively affects performance

erectile dysfunction

many men suffer from porn-induced ed which disappears after a sustained break

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